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      We partner with governments, cities and businesses in more than 50 countries. Learn more about what we do first, or connect with us through your preferred method to begin a conversation with one of our exceptional teammates on how we can tackle challenges together.

      Please find a few highlights of the key regions in which we work below. More details about our individual locations are coming soon.

      The Americas

      With both large and small projects in water, transportation, infrastructure, environment, advanced technologies, nuclear and industrial markets, we are proud to work closely with our government, city and business clients throughout the Americas.

      Whether it’s collaborating with other regions, investing in our company or finding new ways to build networks with our employees and the communities in which we work, it’s our passion and dedication to creating amazing feats of engineering that means we can tackle challenges in any form they come, and turn them in to amazing opportunities.

      View office locations in the U.S.

      View office locations in Canada

      View office locations in Latin America


      We are proud to be involved in some of the European region's most incredible projects as we help our clients achieve their ambitions in transportation, environment, nuclear, water and instrumentation and advanced technology.

      We believe that all of our projects start with building trust, confidence and commitment with our clients, and we do the same with our people and in the communities we work. That's why we invest so much in developing our graduates and interns, and is why we make sure we are active in the community to give something back, too.

      View office locations in Europe

      Middle East and India

      Our experts across water, transportation and urban development in the Middle East and India are poised to address the regional clients’ large infrastructure needs, because we couple our legacy of technical excellence with passion for solving the world’s most challenging problems. We partner with our clients to build lasting infrastructure development, while transferring knowledge and helping empower the next generation of our clients’ leaders who would continue working with us to expand and maintain these developments.


      Our Indian team is proud to drive and support projects both near and far using local expertise, technology transfer and program management capabilities as well as established relationships and joint ventures with local firms, solving engineering challenges for private and public sector projects.

      Our team is proud to collaborate on a wide range of ventures in India and throughout the Middle East. As we have full in-house planning and design capabilities, we are in a great position to support a range of projects and teams around the world.

      United Arab Emirates

      With a population that has almost tripled in the last decade, the United Arab Emirates is a country experiencing immense growth and development. Our visionary team, based out of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are well placed to meet that challenge head on.

      Providing a full, cross-disciplinary approach to major projects and programs, we offer consulting, program management, design, construction and operations support across all markets. Pioneering thinking, local knowledge and understanding of cultural sensitivities are just some of the watch words for a team that is leading the way in Middle East growth.


      Our visionary team in Qatar provides environmental, industrial and advanced technology, urban development, water and nuclear services. With a history of delivering whole-system solutions, they solve complex problems that include environmental, social and economic sustainability as an integral part of their approach. The FIFA World Cup 2022 and Dubai Expo are two examples of such programs that require an integrated approach to ensure the delivery of the vision.

      Saudi Arabia

      We first started working in the Middle East more than 30 years ago with an urban development project in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Since then our Saudi Arabian team has provided a pivotal source of knowledge for planning and design right through to construction, operations and maintenance. With talented teams in water, transportation, urban and environment throughout the country, we are proud to collaborate on a wide range of projects and deliver solutions where challenges once stood.

      View office locations in MENAI

      Asia Pacific

      Our presence in Asia Pacific is recognized for providing our clients seamless connection to world’s best global knowledge and experience through our family of highly attentive staff who operate through regional and global centers of excellence. Our collaborative and outcome-focused culture rooted in a passion for what we do, brings out the best of our people to help clients turn their challenges into opportunities.

      Through our network of regional offices in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and South Korea, we provide a complete set of vertically integrated services across the project delivery lifecycle from project conceptualization through to operations and maintenance. The markets we serve include: water, environmental services, industrial and advanced technology, transportation, urban Programs, tunneling and earth engineering.

      View office locations in Asia Pacific